Jeffrey's Bay & Humansdorp

Heart for Children sponsors four families in Jeffrey's Bay and three in Humansdorp (these two villages are close together). In Humansdorp there is a special project for children with disabilities. Where 'healthy' children still have the opportunity to stand up for themselves, children with disability are left to their own fate. These children are not just abandoned, they are just dumped ...

Heart for Children really wants to take care of them! It is precisely these children who need our support. We want to give them a warm home in which they are challenged, all on their own level, to get the best out of themselves. These children can be placed in their new home and have a family where they are cared for.

Our partner organization at Jeffrey's Bay recently received a suitable piece of land in Humansdorp (4800 m2) where three foster families can be accommodated. These houses cost 55,000 euros each. In addition, money is needed for the livelihood of children, which we will give in due course.

Many children in Jeffrey's Bay and Humansdorp live in terrible conditions. They are faced with hunger, diseases, violence, prostitution and a great lack of sanitation. Many lose courage and do not expect their future to become better than that of their parents or family members. Every day children experience the consequences of HIV / AIDS or even become orphaned by this disease.

Astrid and Johan Vos, our partners in Jeffrey's Bay, tell in the videos what the donation means for these children!


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