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Hart voor Kinderen provides help to children worldwide, in mostly distant places. It is impossible for our small organization to constantly travel back and forth itself. That is why we are very happy to have found partners who implement the tools and keep a close eye on them. Reliable people who understand that they, and we too, have to make an account of the income and expenses. The cooperation as well as the mutual obligations are laid down in a cooperation agreement that is reviewed every year.

Below are the organizations with whom we work worldwide.


Victory4All is run by Johan and Astrid Vos. They coordinate all activities related to the search and screening of foster mothers (parents) in the places Jeffrey's Bay and Humansdorp.
They take care of the 8 foster homes where foster mothers receive underprivileged (orphan) children and the support of foster families in the long term. These families are financially supported by Hart voor Kinderen.

Heart for Children Uganda

Heart for Children NL works with Heart for Children in Uganda to provide (orphan) children with education and shelter.


Rehoboth offers a home to abandoned and vulnerable children who are particularly affected by HIV / AIDS in the province of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

Kinderhulp Afrika

Child aid Africa is a Christian charitable organization that since 1987 looks after the most vulnerable children in Uganda, the orphans. They offer these children education, shelter, mental and medical care on their campus, including Samaritan Primary School and Namugongo Secondary and Vocational School in Namugongo.

Hart voor Haiti

Hart voor Haiti (Heart for Haiti) is a partner organization based in the Netherlands that cooperates with our organization Heart for Children at the Children's Village 'Bon Repos'. Bon Repos on Haiti is led by Johan Smoorenburg who has lived there for decades. Bon Repos is a safe haven for the 144 children who live in 'families' of 12 children per apartment with two Haitian aunts living so that a family situation is imitated as much as possible. In the village and inside the walls the children are safe, they get enough food and they can go to school and to church.


Family7 is a digital TV channel with a national reach in the Netherlands. Christian programs are broadcast 24 hours a day via TV and the internet. In 2016, Family7 broadcasted a three-part documentary about the work of Heart for Children in Uganda and, in May 2017 and recently in June 2018, a four-part TV report about Haiti. Family7 has a warm heart for children in need and supports Heart for Children with raising funds.

Stichting Steun Cité Soleil

Through our partner organization Stichting Steun Cité Soleil (Support Cité Soleil Charity) we support the École Mixte Action Chrétienne. This school is located in one of the largest slums in the western hemisphere. It is the largest slum in Haiti, located in the capital Port-au-Prince. It is a school with about 145-175 pupils, aged 6 to 17 years. Children, who otherwise live on the rubbish dump, now get the chance to go to school and build their future.


Bulembu is a small village in the mountains of Swaziland where 230 orphans are already being looked after. The dream is that Bulembu will become a self-sufficient municipality. A village where children have a warm home, can go to school and can develop themselves.

Heart for Children gladly helps Bulembu with the structural support of these families.

Home from Home

Home from Home is located in Cape Town in South Africa and in fact a family of social workers, foster mothers and staff members who are passionately committed to loving, protecting and raising young adults. The starting point is the wish that the children receive the highest form of care with an individually tailored program and coaching trajectory. For Heart for Children, this organization coordinates all activities related to the search and screening of foster mothers for the benefit of the underprivileged (orphan) children and the supervision of foster families in the longer term.

Heart for Children International - Switzerland

Heart for Children International is our sister organization that raises funds independently in Switzerland. They recently settled in Heimberg, just above Thun. Heart for Children in the Netherlands is very happy with Sven and Rosi Blissenbach, who show the vision and mission of Heart for Children NL in their country and internationally.

Love a Child

Love a Child is an organization that works for the poorest people in Haiti, especially for abandoned (orphan) children who get a chance for a better life. The founders and initiators are Bobby and Sherry Burnette, who have lived for many years in a Love a Childweiss home set up by them. They are full-time missionaries who stand up for the poorest of the poor and preach the gospel by giving hands and feet to God's love.

Heart for Children - South Africa

Heart for Children SA is our sister organization that independently raises funds in South Africa. They carry out the same vision and mission as Heart for Children in the Netherlands and also represent their interests in South Africa.

Joni and Friends

Wheels for the world creates mobility and the hope of the gospel for everyone with a disability. People who are hindered in their mobility are tragically excluded in life by the community only because they can not move on. Receiving a wheelchair makes it possible for children to go to school; to become part of the community in their village and to change their lives forever.

Stichting Naar School in Haïti

Marijke Zaalberg started teaching in 1998 in the mountains south of Port au Prince in Haiti: the creation of the Naar School in Haiti (To School in Haiti). In the meantime, this school has grown into a place where more than 800 children attend school; from the first-class kindergarten to the third grade high school. The children receive a warm meal every school day, often the only meal for them in a day. From the school, projects are also set up and implemented to improve the living conditions for residents in the area around the school. The distribution of seeds, beans, goats and help in building earthquake- and hurricane-resistant houses are nice examples of this.

Vision AfriKa

Heart for Children works with Vision AfriKa to support children in the slums of Stellenbosch South Africa in their personal development. They receive leadership development, support in their studies, but also learn to be active in their own community (slums).


RescueNet is an organization that provides emergency assistance in disaster areas. With the members, all volunteers, RescueNet tries to be in a disaster area within 24 to 48 hours to provide medical assistance (some volunteers are doctor), Search & Rescue work (with dogs), logistical support, primary trauma counseling and the like. In 2010 Heart for Children worked together with RescueNet for emergency relief in Haiti, in November 2013 for emergency relief in the Philippines and in April 2015 for emergency relief in Nepal.

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