Food support Haiti 2016-2017


Food support in Haiti 2016/17

Following Hurricane Matthew in Haiti in the autumn of 2016, we started a food parcel action for the benefit of the victims. How wonderful that we could distribute food parcels in December through the Bon Repos children's village in Haiti. Many families received food and seeds or new plants for their own gardens.

In December Hilversum organized an oil spill campaign for Haiti by the cooperative municipality 'De Verbinding' and the Jumbo. A beautiful promotion in which thousands of oliebollen were baked and sold with a final yield of no less than € 12,500.00 also for food packages in Haiti.

The distribution of the packages for this contribution was thanks to Marijke Zaalberg through her School in Haiti: Ecole Soleil de Hollande. In order to steer everything in the right direction and thus fight fights to prevent food, the distribution was organized in small groups of 100 people. Because we were invited by the Hart voor Kinderen foundation for a documentary in Haiti, it was possible to witness this yourself.

Women who had walked for hours and hours came to the school where they first had a delicious meal. Then the head of the school gave encouragement and everyone was given a food package.

What a joy. We are really grateful to De Link and Jumbo and to everyone who has volunteered to contribute to this oil spill action and of course to the other contributors who contributed, to help and support the joy and support of so many people in Haiti. TV broadcast Family7 broadcasted 4 documentaries in June about our visit to Haiti, including food distribution.


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