New Campaign for children in Port Shepstone

Anele, Alwande and Thendeka are three precious little children that live in the
children village Rehoboth, Port Shepstone. Sad enough, their family couldn't
offer them the care they needed. The foster parents try to love and take care
of them as much as they can. But there are some problems that cannot be
solved without your help. We would like to introduce you to the three children:

Anele (6 years old)
When this little girl arrives at the
childrenvillage she was undernourished and
not able to talk. She could only make her self
clear with gestures.  She has a delay in
development and functions as a baby
instead of a little girl of 6. A collection of
therapies like game therapy, speech
therapy, occupational therapy, horse
therapy and her hearing aid help her slowly (should) get her back on track.

Alwande (6 years old)
Alwande developed 'kwashiorkor' (a
disease most known for the swollen
bellies) as a result of undernourishment.
After arriving at the Rehoboth village he
immediately was taken to hospital where
he recovered. These days he functions
very well and starts with grade 1 next
year. He is very enthusiastic about this,
especially the drive at the bus to school.

Thandeka (8 years old)
She was only two years old when Rehoboth
sheltered her and she wasn't able to walk and
talk. The only words she could say were 'byebye'.
She had an enormous delay in her development
and suffers of speech impediment beside her
hearing problem. We expect that she will be able
to talk better if she can hear better as well.

Thandeka, Anele and Alwande needs an
ear-surgery. Anele and Alwande even on both
ears. That means five surgeries because they
can operate only one ear at a time. These
children have no tympanic membrane. They can
hardly hear. Anele has a 'bone conductor'
hearing aid – she can hear a little, but very little.
Without surgery it's very hard for these children
to develop and pay attention at school. They will continue to struggle with
their speech and development (hearing) problems if they will not get surgery
very soon.

Please help these children en donate here.

'It's touching to see that these children are finally being looked after and that they're being loved'

Interview with Erna Neuteboom, initiator, november 2012

South-Africa is a beautiful, many-sided and often sunlit country. But there is another side 
to this country that not everyone is aware of. Millions of people live in poverty today. 
Especially the children are the victims of this horrible situation and that touches Erna 
Neuteboom. That’s why she launched the Foundation ‘Heart for Children’ in 2008. Heart 
for Children is a foundation that wants to take care of children without parents or without 
someone who is taking care of them. The foundation wants to offer the children a home, 
confidence, security, love and a future. Now, a couple of years later – in the Autumn of 
2012 – she is back in South-Africa again. Together with her husband Louis she visited 
current projects like foster homes and new potential projects. Although the economical 
situation slowly improves, the urgent need for help in the townships of South- Africa 

Erna: ‘When we arrived at the 
airport it was late in the 
evening and dark. Immediately 
a little boy around the age of 
seven walked to me and 
constantly rubbed his belly. He 
was hungry. The only thing I 
could offer him was a piece of 
chocolate as I didn’t have cash 
or food available at that 
moment. At such a moment 
you instantly remember the 
reason you came. It did break 
my heart. The difference between rich and poor remains to stay huge. The townships 
grow. Main reason is the lack of education and the lack of work. 

Most people would become hopeless…
During a trip like this you get exposed to a lot of different situations in a short time. And 
there you are, again, in another township…The misery is overwhelming, there are too 
many people. All these thousands and thousands of people that are facing these kind of 
conditions. That really hits you. Maybe because I am a mother myself I cannot imagine 
that my children have to live under these circumstances. But I know there IS hope, it IS 
possible to change the situation. It was good to see the results Heart for Children has 
already achieved thanks to her donors. Imagine small houses of stone in the middle of 
shabby houses made of iron sheets. Yes, that is truly an oasis. This also applies to 
Humansdorp; three houses have been built there since another township…

Are there new projects that can be helped by Heart for Children?
Yes, more than enough…We are looking for projects that connect with the mission of 
Heart for Children. We found those kind of projects in Port Shepstone. They place 
children in foster homes as well, fifty of the fifty-two children are infected with HIV. The 
organisation is operative for eleven years now and specialized in this disease. In the past 
year and a half none of the children died. That is wonderful. But times have been 
different…In the local office you see many pictures of cheerful and smiling children. But 
when you take a closer look you see that a lot of those pictures carry a cross…these 
children died because
of AIDS. It moves me that all of these children at least got a ‘face’, became persons, they 
are known and loved…Beside the projects of Port Shepstone there are many more 
projects in South-Africa and in Lesotho and Swaziland where we have been. 

Since the start of Heart for Children you became very busy. How do you carry on and 
hold on to your motivation?
I love children. I’ve been a single mom for more than twelve years and have been in 
difficult situations, also financially. I felt vulnerable, especially to the care for my 
children. I intended to never forget where I came from and I always realise and feel that 
just a small part of the world lives in wealth. I strongly believe that every mother and 
every parent around the world want the best for their children. And if you are not able to 
take care of your children yourself, you need someone who can. Someone who would 
love your child as it was his or her own. The fact that my circumstances brought me here, 
is a miracle.

Are you satisfied with the way Heart for Children is operating now?
Yes, we are glad en thankful with every way of help that we are able to give. Though I 
have to say that there has been a moment when my husband and I returned from our 
working trip that we wished we were millionairs. Then we could provide all the help to 
the projects that we found and that urgently need our support. Just to be able to give 
them a call and tell them that ‘help is on its way’... We do not have those millions yet, but 
bit by bit we can achieve a lot. I am confident that new donors will sign up and that we 
can continue the work of Heart for Children.

Thank You

by Elaine Herbert on 09/13/12

Oh! What fun we had when Erna Neuteboom and Louis Pool, representing Heart for 
Children International, visited Mantsase on Sunday 9th September! They are from the 
Netherlands and are a delightful couple who love children and are knowledgeable about 
the kind of work we do.

                           Our visitors, Louis Pool and Erna Neuteboom, representing 
                                 Heart for Children International, with Fifi and Nyefolo

We discovered a small cultural difference though, when Fifi mentioned to Louis that the 
teenage boys were getting ready to go to church and Louis asked at what time the 
children would be leaving for the service. Fifi replied that it would be sometime within 
the next two, maybe three, hours.

Looking a little puzzled, Louis asked how the children decide when it is time to go to 
church? When they see the Priests car on the road, was Fifis reply, and she pointed 
towards the eastern horizon.

Louis rephrased his question. At what time would the Priests car appear on the road? 
With a smile and small shrug Fifi explained that it would be sometime within the next 
two, maybe three, hours.

African Time, Erna reminded Louis, in a tone that implied that she may have reminded 
him about African Time on more than several occasions. And, observing African Time, 
Erna and Louis stayed for the whole day, which was great!

Thank you Erna and Louis for traveling all the way across Lesotho to visit us. They came 
via Qachas Nek. Thank you so much for the T shirts and sweets you brought for the 
children and for the generous donation you gave on behalf of Heart for Children 
International, so that we can refurbish the Mock Family Kitchen. This is something we 
have wanted to do for a while now, thank you.

And thank you so much for the time you spent playing with the children. This was the 
highlight of a very good day!

Humansdorp: building project almost achieved!

In the previous newsletters of Hour of Power we called out a couple of times to donate
to Heart for Children. Heart for Children doesn’t want children from the slums of
South-Africa leave on a waiting list any longer. They strive to accomplish a situation
where children can grow up as normal as possible, with a father and a mother; in a
family. After a period of research, Heart for Children found a piece of land where they
can build three houses. Thanks to you, as a donor, we collected this money and are
able to build these three houses that are 55.000 euro each.
As you can see on the pictures and thanks to the hard work the building of the houses
progresses steadily. Concretely they equalized the building land, foundations have
been layed, the floors have been layed and the walls have been build. The goal of
these houses is to shelter children with a disability. We are happy that three foster
homes with 18 children have a home soon. Mainly disabled children are cast out of
their families and are left alone.

You can follow the
progress of the houses on
the pictures below.


Heart for children want to thank you for your contribution.


Vision AfriKa

Vision AfriKa - Inspiring Dreams

Thanks to you we were able to provide financial support to Vision AfriKa with a one-time 
amount. They urgently need more computers or, even better, tablets. The 
second-handed computers they currently own has to be brought from the one slum to 
the other. It would be great if the computers were located at one place and the children 
can learn to work with them. 

Vision AfriKa is an organisation that supports youth (grade 10, 11 and 12) in their process 
of personal growth and development. By participating in this programme, our facilitators 
and youth embark on a shared explorative journey of critical thinking, visionary 
dreaming, goal-setting, leadership development, academic improvement and active 
community citizenship. They are currently based in Kayamandi and Vlottenburg, which is 
part of the Greater Stellenbosch area. The success of Vision AfriKa is the 
relationship-driven programme. For three years the children are part of a family where 
safety, respect and trust can encourage them to grow en develop. When you look at the 
low self-esteem most of the children are suffering from, this is desperately needed. 
Often they aren’t encouraged to think themselves out of their situation.

“A good leader is one who can tell another how to reach his or her potential; a great 
leader is one who can help another discover this potential for him or herself” 
 Bo Bennet

The Christmas Inspirience


With a full house in the Vredenburgh Theatre in Utrecht, Heart for Children succeeded
in organizing a great concert, The Christmas Inspirience, and at the same time in
asking attention for what is so close to our heart, the care for children without parents
world wide. Extraordinary, how everything came together that evening; the music,
with an African touch, the black gospel songs, the warmth of the audience and the
enthusiasm of the orchestra.

In their own way, the artists all felt connected to children in need. Jimmie Earl Perry,
for example, is allied as a professor to The African Centre of HIV/AIDS. Pearl
Jozefzoon recently visited a project in Kenya. Together with the audience – that really
had a heart  for children – it created the ‘togetherness’ that it was all about in the
Christmas Inspirience. Not merely ‘Experience’, but “inspirience”, i.e. include children
world wide.  The blinking little red hearts that were handed out at the entrance,
symbolized this.

 Handing over the gift for Swaziland

The programme, that had been carefully put together, offered a great variety of Music.
On the one hand easy to recognize Christmas songs, like 'O come all Ye faithfull' and
'Joy to the world'; and on the other hand songs that made us reflect on children in
need, 'My African Dream' and 'What about the children'.
In this way cheerful moments were alternated with moments of silence and reflection.

This evening special attention was asked for a family in Port Shepstone, with 5
naughty little boys. It takes 100 new donors who pay 7 euro per month to maintain this
family. Ultimately, this concert resulted in 87 new donors, and some future
commitments! It was wonderful and emotionial that the goal of recruiting 100 new
donors was practically achieved.
We also received special gifts, for example one from Child Right. Moreover, it was
possible to give all the children of the families we take care of – in Haiti and South
Africa, but also in Lesotho and Swaziland – a Christmas present.

Pearl Jozefzoon sings 'You are not alone'

Erna Neuteboom, initiator: “For employees* and volonteers it was quite an exciting
evening. For this was the first time for Heart for Children to organize such an evening.
This fantastic result is very inspiring and encouraging. Again another family where
children can grow up in a loving and safe environment. And all this thanks to the
efforts of artists, all involved and – of course - the audience. The year 2012 could not
have had a better ending. And it was a great start of 2013!”

Heart for Children received many positive reactions and we therefore look back on a
very successful evening. We would like to thank all visitors to the concert, and of
course all new donors very much. We wish you all a Heartwarming 2013!

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