Regular donors are extremely important for the work of
Heart for Children. To be able to maintain our unique way
of working and provide the families with the necessary
support every month, we need a continual income stream.
Our regular donors take care of this.

May we ask you to let your heart speak and become a
donor. As from € 7,00 per month you can help vulnerable
and disadvantaged children to get out of their difficult
situation. Please give them a future, but especially ...... let a
child be a child again! Your donation can make the
difference and enable a child to focus on the future again!

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Foundation Heart for Children International
Bernstrasse 308, CH-3627 Heimberg, Switzerland
Bernstrasse 308, CH-3627 Heimberg, Schweiz
Phone/Telefon: +41 (0)33 222 06 00
Bank account/Postkonto:     60-633776-2
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