Our ambassadors below support our work and mission. That is why they use their talent and time to promote Heart for Children. We're always looking to expand our team of ambassadors.

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Tim Hermsen
Musician, conductor, songwriter
From a young age he was inspired by, and became familiar with, many kinds of music. Tim plays the drums, the organ and the piano. He is inspired by American groups such as Selah, The Gaither Vocal band and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. In recent years, Tim has started working as a conductor and pianist with several choirs.

Tim is inspired by the unconditional love of God and wants to pass on this love to children in need in the world. We are grateful to Tim for his ambassadorship for Heart for Children.
Go to his website for more information: www.timhermsen.nl.
Marco van den Berg
Identity: Child of God
In this capacity he is allowed to occupy himself in very different areas in which he wants to go His way through God's Hand. These activities are: Founder of the Rad-Dad boardsport brand, the writing of poems in honor of our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ, the management of the creative company Fun-Design and the electrical engineering company M. van den Berg E.D.
After a very restless youth, God was allowed to radically change Marco's life at the age of 23, creating a heart's desire for the love of God that leaves its marks in Marco's life. In this great gratitude, Marco wants his heart and hands to serve in God's Kingdom and he does so in various areas.
Especially children touch his heart so that Hart for Children fits exactly in the picture that Marco also wants to put in. They deserve to be loved.
On his website and Facebook page Marco expresses his constant flow of creative thoughts.
Sjoukje Gniewyk-Lokers

My name is Sjoukje Gniewyk-Lokers ('63 Dordrecht) and lives in Tilburg. I lived in France (Normandy) from 1997 to 2000, where I painted a lot. The children's portraits as subjects became scenes with children. The child as a subject fascinates me because the child is still pure without learned ways. The soul is reflected in the eyes. What is going on in the child and in what circumstances should it live. Through my paintings I want to draw attention to Hart voor Kinderen d.m.v. sale of paintings, postcards card sets (from 2019) through art markets and exhibitions. Click here to see my work and maybe you are interested in a painting and you support a child with it.
Tom Herlaar

Tom Herlaar has been working with the Evangelical Broadcaster since 1977 as a radio presenter and often as a voice-over. He also regularly does the latter for Heart for Children. Tom was seized at a young age by the love of Jesus. And that love drives and inspires him to this day. He himself has 4 children and knows like no other how vulnerable children are. Recently he visited a private children's project in South Africa and then it was confirmed again: Children are very precious, but also very vulnerable. The number of people who are HIV-infected is unprecedented in this country. Tom says: 'Let us have that drop on the ocean and the more drops, the bigger the lake'. He is happy to do that!
Arie Reurekas

Arie Reurekas worked as a pastor for more than 30 years and as a religion and society teacher in secondary education. In 2008 he had a cerebral infarct, which unfortunately he could no longer teach. At first he could hardly talk and walk and he was looking for a form of relaxation. He found this in painting. He used this creative form to work on his recovery. From 2009 he works as an artist. Arie Reurekas is currently working on a number of paintings for Hart voor Kinderen that he makes available to the charity. The paintings with pictures of children from the various countries where Hart voor Kinder works, will be shown in various exhibitions in due time. The aim is to raise sponsorship and funds for the mission of Heart for Children.
Jimmy Earl Perry - in memoriam

Jimmie Earl Perry was UNAIDS National Goodwill Ambassador for South Africa. Born in America, he deployed his (musical) talents in South Africa to fight AIDS. He did so, among other things, as a lecturer at the Africa Center for HIV / Aids Management and as director of the educational theater. "Education is - especially for young people - the key to prevention and reduction of HIV infections." In January 2018 we received the sad news that Jimmie Earl passed away. He has meant a lot to Heart for Children and in the Netherlands he has become known for his performances for our foundation. We are still grateful to him for that!
Anne van der Bijl

Anne van der Bijl, better known in many countries as Brother Andrew, is a Dutch missionary who became known for his expeditions aimed at smuggling Bibles to Communist countries in the heyday of the
Cold War. A role that earned him the nickname 'God Smuggler' (God's smuggler). Van der Bijl has written several inspiring books in which he reports on his adventures. He warmly recommends the work of Heart for Children to all readers and donors.
Dr. Prof. Jan du Toit

Jan du Toit is director of the Africa Center for HIV / Aids Management at the Stellenbosch University in South
Africa. The Africa Center wants to encourage academic institutions to play a creative and active role in social, political and economic transformations. This is done through academic programs, research and mobilizing the community. Watch video.
Daniel Rodriguez

He became known worldwide as "the singing policeman" by his moving rendition of God Bless America after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Since 2004 he is full-time singer and has already released several CDs. In the Netherlands he is known for the Hour of Power Christmas concerts where he performed with his wife Marla Kavanaugh. Daniel has made several CDs. Watch video.
Marja Middeldorp

At the age of 20 she left for dredging work to Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. In that then still uninhabitable world (1976) she learned that friendship, help and care does not have any rank or color. In the last six years she, together with her mother, presented the program 'How to Clean Your House'. Marja has her own company: DP International. In addition, she is the author and weekly columnist for the magazine Privé. Marja is honored to be a goodwill ambassador, because she has a warm heart for children.
Donna Schuller

Donna Schuller is the wife of Reverend Robert Anthony Schuller, whose father led the well-known TV church Hour of Power and is now involved in LifeNetwork TV. Donna is closely involved with 'Habitat for Humanity' and with the St. Patrick Project that was launched in her son's congregation. They provide homeless people, accompany children, feed people who are starving and offer training to single parents.
Christiane Engel

Christiane Engel is the granddaughter of dr. Albert Schweitzer. But not only that, she is also very talented. She studied at the conservatory in Zurich and followed courses in psychology, social anthropology and medicine. In addition, Christiane is also a gifted pianist, she gives concerts all over the world and she has released several Mozart CDs. Watch video.
Melissa Venema

At the age of eight Melissa started playing the trumpet. Now, years later, she regularly performs with André Rieu and his Johan Strauss Orchestra. She is in the Young Talent class at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam and has received many prizes.

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